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Service & Support

Warranty conditions for selected Meopta sport optics items

Valid for purchases made from January 1st 2021

Thank you for your trust in the Meopta brand, and welcome to our user family!

For the sport optics product you have purchased, we provide a basic or extended warranty according to the table below. You can obtain Meopta’s extended warranty only if you register your product within 30 days of purchase, at the website (hereinafter “ordinary registration”).

If, during this time, your product shows defects in materials or workmanship, Meopta - optika, s.r.o. will repair or replace your product free of charge. If the product you return is no longer in production, and repair is not possible, Meopta - optika, s.r.o. reserves the right to exchange it for the technically closest product from the current sport optics selection.

When making a claim under the basic warranty, it is necessary to provide the warranty certificate confirmed by the seller or a proof of payment for the product. When making a claim under the extended warranty, it is necessary to provide the warranty certificate confirmed by the seller or proof of payment for the product, and the extended warranty certificate must also be presented. The purchase date on the warranty certificate or proof of payment must be the same as the purchase date shown on the extended warranty certificate. Without that documentation, no warranty claim can be made!

If your Meopta product is defective, contact the seller where you bought the product, your nearest authorized distributor (a list of which can be found at or the Meopta - optika, s.r.o. company directly. After the product is handed over for the complaint procedure, it will be referred to an expert who will determine whether the complaint is justified. Only complete products are accepted for warranty repairs.

For any type of Meopta sport optics product purchased in the United States, the warranty is provided directly by Meopta U.S.A. For warranty and post-warranty service, contact customer care directly:
Meopta U.S.A. Inc. - 7826 Photonics Drive - Trinity, FL, 34655 - U.S.A., tel.: 800-828-8928; email:

Extended and standard warranties cover only defects occurring during proper use of the product. The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper or rough handling, failure to follow the user manual, improper modifications or repairs to the product that were not done by an authorized Meopta service facility, or cases of wear to the product or its parts caused by ordinary use.

The warranty does not cover consumable materials associated with the product, such as batteries, rubber caps, or straps. The warranty does not cover products that have been used in the security or military professions. The extended warranty does not apply to products other than Class I.

Meopta’s conditions do not limit the warranty granted to the consumer by law in the country where the product was purchased.

No other warranties apply to the product. Any subsequent sale of this product is subject to local export regulations. Meopta - optika, s.r.o. does not accept unauthorized or in any way illegal export or import of this product.

See the list of products and their warranties